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Criminal Law Dissertation Topics 2022

Writing dissertations is already very hard, as you have to be concise, and precise and must have all the facts present. When writing on criminal law, gather any information you can on the topic you chose. Writing on criminal law will be very time-consuming and complex. You will need to revise your topic multiple times. As choosing your topic will be the main step you take when starting to write a thesis. Suppose you are a business student, up till now you would’ve written many dissertations. Now before starting you would ask yourself, how to write my dissertations on criminal law. As criminal law is a very complex study. Don’t worry, we’re here to guide you on how you can write perfectly on your first try.

Below we’ll be discussing the type of topics you can choose. Be mindful when choosing a topic as you would need something that would interest you. Find unique cases that aren’t very long or time-consuming, as you need to keep them interesting.

Types of criminal laws on which you can write.

 Causes of College Violence 

Students are getting violent every day new cases emerge every day, and schools, colleges, and universities all have seen their fair share of violence. Violence occurs due to bad management. You can find most cases in colleges and universities, physical violence between students there is rapidly increasing. Drugs are getting common among students. Bullying has become a habit. These things happen when management doesn’t take action against those students. This gives them even more confidence to carry out attacks on campus and disrupt the peace around them.

Reliability of Eyewitness Testimony in Court

Another great topic to look at, is eyewitness testimonies play major roles in courts. These eyewitnesses can either save someone from going to jail or send someone to jail. Due to this innocent people are also convicted wrongfully most of the time. Why? Because police and courts don’t call people to report what they witnessed right away. They call them to id criminals after many days, till then the witness has either forgotten or isn’t a hundred percent. The chances of a normal person getting arrested due to a wrong witness statement are very high.

Scope of Capital Punishment in Law

Capital punishment can be also described as the death penalty. Given to those who killed for no reason. Capital punishment is seen as the right choice of punishment by many people. As they think when you kill someone. You also lose the right to have a good life ahead. Although some people also view capital punishment as a hard choice, because this then takes the right from someone to live. Everyone has their own perception regarding criminals, it is you who will decide whether someone deserves to get capital punishment or not.

Gun Control Debate

Gun control has become a major issue for the whole world. The US can be a prime example for you to look at when writing about gun control. People in the US have witnessed more gun violence than ever in the past 20 years. Massacres of children in their schools and public shooting incidents in crowded places. Although new laws are made to prevent and control arms and ammunition. Deep research on this topic may get you the answers you need.

Illegal Drug Trade

The 21st century has been a haven for drug cartels and mafias, the illegal drug trade has now become a global problem, and nearly every major country has been affected. This illegal practice is still at large mainly due to political influence. These criminals would not be moving any drugs if the people in charge were taking the right decisions. Billions of dollars move around every day. All that drug money is to buy off important people. Those people then help in moving these drugs for cartels. The usage of drugs has become a norm people now use drugs as if it is normal.

Sexual Abuse

Touching someone without their consent or forcing them to get physical is sexual abuse. Mostly women and children have faced this problem. However, in recent times victims have started to come out to name and shame these criminals. Although cases of sexual abuse haven’t slowed down but calling them out is very much needed. Brief studies can indicate the behaviors of these abusers. Still, there is no perfect solution to end this problem once and for all.

Human Trafficking 

Thousands of men, women, and children are kidnapped annually. Their use is for either forced labor, sexual conduct, or internal organs. Each year hundreds of families suffer from this crime as it violates basic human rights. People have to leave their families and go to unwanted places only as per their captors’ will. These victims face torture and abuse on a daily basis without having a chance of someone rescuing them. There are many stories of victims you can find on the internet about human trafficking.

Wrongful Convictions

Many people today face false pretenses and cases. Either they don’t have credible evidence or the sources to get better help in clearing their names. Sometimes the lawyers don’t do their jobs as they should which results in an innocent man going to jail. Justice fails the whole of humanity when a criminal is let go and an innocent man is put in jail.


Here were some of the topics on which you can start writing your dissertation. Make sure to carefully choose one of these topics. Find a question that directly addresses the problem in your research topic. Read and research each and everything. Dissertations on criminal laws cannot have any false claims or evidence. Line up the data according to the correct guidelines. Add human elements to your research. Talk about how tiring it was to compile and process all the data. Dissertations are very long so make sure to make bullet points on every important argument in your topics. We hope all this information will be helpful to you. Follow the proper step. You don’t want to end up asking yourself at the end of the day how to write your dissertation. You now have a lot of interesting topics, choose wisely before starting.

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