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Cryptocurrency Dissertation Topics

The world today is evolving. And technology has advanced to such a phase, that paper money will become obsolete in the upcoming future. With the arrival of blockchain, people now can-do transactions worldwide within seconds. If you’re planning to write a dissertation on cryptocurrency. We have the perfect steps for you to follow. Writing dissertations is not easy. They are lengthy and time-consuming. you will observe everything wisely. Now if you are a student of business, you’ll be able to write this dissertation. But suppose you’re a student of philosophy, and dissertation writing isn’t in your interest, then we’ll suggest you get dissertation writing services to help you out.

The aim of your dissertation will be to analyze different topics regarding cryptocurrency and to find out the reason if Crypto currency is feasible for financial investment or not. Let’s see some of the topics on which you can write.

Rise of Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency has seen a sharp rise since many countries and businesses have adopted them as a form of transaction. Like Tesla, home depot, twitch, and even Microsoft. Paper money will be obsolete in the future if some more improvements are made in the crypto exchange. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and lite coin are one of the most famous forms of cryptocurrency today. Your research will determine if the demand for cryptocurrencies will rise in the future. Future research done by you should focus on how to bring more people towards cryptocurrency.

Using Cryptocurrency to Buy Goods and Services

Few major countries have recently adopted this model to do trade in their country. Albeit, most countries have still not declared blockchain safe enough to invest in. as cryptocurrency is not useable by banks people generally clear away from such investments. Online wallets with unique verifications with different addresses. These wallets can store unlimited amounts of cryptocurrencies. Your wallet will always stay connected with an index that would have all the data of bitcoins ever mined to date. No fee is taken when setting up these wallets. Transactions also don’t require any fee.

 Thus, making an online wallet isn’t hard. This blockchain technology can link the entire world together. Making payment transactions to buy goods and services will be made easier globally.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Whenever a new technology or product comes. There will always be certain major or minor issues with it. Even Crypto Currency, which has been invested in billions of USD. In these cases, we need to determine if the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. You can find clear results through proper research. Although cryptocurrencies can be used to easily make transactions throughout the world. Banks will not be mediators in the transaction process. Transactions through the blockchain might be fast and easy. But the risk of fraud increases as there is no way to track these exchanges.

 Governments are not really willing to trust this process. If the process can change by making transactions easier and safer. Much more people will be willing to accept this form of currency exchange.

How Will Cryptocurrency Affect the Economy?

Cryptocurrency has the potential to change the entire future economy. It will make banks obsolete in the future. As no intermediary or middleman is needed when conducting transactions. You will learn how big of a global effect will come when this model of currency is used. Sending money across the globe to obtain services will get easy. So banks around the world are still a little hesitant when it comes to truly accepting this model. 

People using cryptocurrencies can buy goods at a much faster pace. It doesn’t have any transaction fees or taxes on it. So entrepreneurs can greatly benefit from this.

Is Cryptocurrency Safe?

You should know that since banks don’t involve themselves in crypto transactions. The risk of a potential scam gets higher. People might send you links, but upon opening your wallet might get hacked. One small transaction mistake will lead to losing all your money. Recovering it back again would not be possible as there is no middleman or third party between the transactions.

Try to keep your cryptocurrency in your crypto wallet offline. Hackers and criminals are always trying to con people by stealing their currency. Your research will display the fact that cryptocurrencies don’t have any stability as they are fresh in the market. One day it might value more than gold and on some days, it will be worth peanuts. The value of these currencies will keep changing every day. Putting all your life saving into crypto assets won’t be a wise choice for you.

Try to have diversity when investing. There are many currencies as of now and many more will come. So try to invest in multiple currencies. If one falls in value, the others will rise in value.

Social Media and Cryptocurrency

Social media has changed the entire way how businesses work. Just one social post can change the entire way an organization is. Even cryptocurrencies can get influenced to either perform badly or well. Influential people even mentioning a cryptocurrency can change its dynamics of it. Like when Elon Musk tweeted about dogecoin and how then shares of doge can plummet to the sky. 

This can either be bad or good. In the same way, someone can influence prices to go up. One negative post can motivate people to start cashing out quickly. Social media is the only place you go for news on cryptocurrencies.


We discussed all the potential topics you can write your dissertation on. Before starting any topics, observe which one of them will be easier for you to understand. You don’t want your mind getting in confusion in the middle of your thesis. So learn and educate yourself on everything regarding the topic. Start early on, do not wait for the last second to start. Focus on all key points and consider all the right solutions. Dissertations are lengthy and time-consuming. 

If needed then you should get the best dissertation writing services online. Affordable experts are right around the corner. Cryptocurrency is the future no doubt. But finding problems and providing solutions for better global use is of utmost necessity.

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