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HRM Dissertation Topics

Human resource management is an interesting yet important subject. Companies are looking for competent HR personnel to enhance their company’s efficiency by hiring managing and retaining competent and reliable staff. HRM has both business and psychology topics that help enables the HR graduates to understand the employees and thus engage them according to their wants and wishes.

There are numerous dissertation topics that you can choose from. You can write on training and development of human resources, intrinsic vs extrinsic rewards, employee retention, and performance management. All of these topics provide numerous dissertation topics that you can choose from. This blog will discuss all of these topics in detail. However, if you are struggling with your HRM dissertation writing then you can get HRM dissertation writing services by contacting us at Write My Dissertations. Thus, feel free to get in touch with us and ace your HRM dissertation.

HRM Dissertation Topics

HRM offers a variety of topics to write your dissertation. Also, HRM is interesting and engaging and it is an important subject that most companies are interested in. This blog will discuss the HRM dissertation topics in detail. Let’s dig in.

Influence of employee engagement on customer loyalty in the Service Industry

Employees don’t leave their job because they are enjoying their job and are committed to their work. Certain factors make them stay in the job and not leave. Similarly, in the service industry employees have to interact with the customers which greatly affects the quality of their service. The success of the service industry is based on how the employees engage with their customers. Thus, it is noteworthy to perform a study and to identify the effects of employee engagement on customer loyalty. You can perform survey-based research to identify employee engagement in customer loyalty.

Role of online digital platforms in helping organizations in recruiting effectively and efficiently

Advertising has become a lot easy and more customized. Since the emergence of technology, firms have transformed their business operations. Under this transformation, many organizations have adopted various methods and techniques to recruit employees. Thus, you can write your dissertation to determine how online platforms have helped organizations find employees more efficiently and effectively.

The analysis of the factors that impacts an employee’s decision to leave employment

Organizations never want to lose their experienced and talented workforce. It is one of the most crucial roles of HR to retain talented employees. Thus, it has been a major concern for companies. A talented and valued employee is hard to come by. Therefore, HR tries to retain their employees and ensure that their turnover rate goes down. However, different factors make an employee leave the job. Keeping this thing in mind, you can conduct research that will analyze the factors that directly impact the employee’s personal decision to leave employment. Thus, you can provide your results which can add to the existing research. You can also talk about the recommendations to assist the companies in understanding the factors involving the employees’ decision to leave.

Examining the Role of training and development on an organization’s sustainability during economic crises

The nature of the organization is ever-changing. To remain competitive in the industry, one must keep learning and adapting to the conditions. Therefore, you may feel the need to be competitive. Also, to achieve organizational goals one must realize the importance of training and developing their workforce to align with the organizational objectives. Your dissertation should aim to analyze the importance and impact of employee training and development on the organization’s sustainability during bad economic conditions.

Involving employees in the decision-making process and its influence on employee productivity (in a chosen Organization)

You can conduct your research and write a description of how companies in this industry can involve workers in the decision-making process to enhance employee productivity. You will demonstrate how employee productivity is increased by involving the employees in the decision-making process. These results help design useful HR practices. It is a great topic to write your dissertation if you do in-depth research.

The role of E-leadership in cultivating employee productivity and motivation

The present-day corporate world has become highly advanced technologically. The idea of e-leadership has emerged due to progressions in technology. You will conduct this study will to examine the effect of e-leadership in improving the productivity and motivation level of the workforce.

Impact of personality traits on teamwork

In this topic, you will be focusing on a  specific organization where you study the effect of personality traits on teamwork. Also, you will further analyze how teamwork is influenced by the personality traits of the team members. You will discuss different types of personality traits that impact teamwork positively and negatively. Similarly, you will then deduce your results and recommendations about your research. Also, it is an important topic and you will have to provide in-depth research and insight into the different personality traits.

Understanding the Relationship between performance review and employee motivation

Here you will conduct your research to understand the link between employee motivation and employee performance review. It is better to focus on large and diversified businesses in your study. Similarly, you can understand and point out the factors that can affect employee motivation. One major thing to understand in your research is to add the past research and work on the gaps and add to existing knowledge.


Human resource is a great topic that provides you with numerous dissertation topics. They can vary from talent acquisition, performance appraisal, and training, management of the workforce, etc. However, you should keep in mind that your topic aligns with the guidelines of your instructor. Similarly, you should choose a topic that you can conduct your research. Nonetheless, writing a well-articulated dissertation is a hectic process and if you want expert assistance then you can get in touch with us at Write My Dissertations where you will get the best dissertation writing services. Thus, feel free to contact us and let us take care of your dissertation.

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