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Innovation Management Dissertation Topics 

The practice of managing an organization’s innovation process, from its earliest stage of ideation to its effective execution, is known as innovation management. It includes all of the choices, actions, and procedures involved in creating and putting into operation an innovation strategy. Organizations must innovate more frequently and fast in the age of digital transformation. Innovation fuels a company’s expansion and keeps businesses one step ahead of their competition. Innovation management develops new business models, as well as new goods, services, and technologies tailored to the market’s shifting needs. Effective innovation management also increases employee engagement and consumer satisfaction.

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Innovation and Luck

In the theory of innovation management, normative assumptions play three key roles. Defining the value of innovation, defining its luck, and establishing certain objectives and strategies for managing the luck of innovations. What luck means in innovation management theories and what luck looks like in practice are the two key questions that need to be answered in this inquiry. Your paper will highlight several requirements for making ethical decisions on innovations in the context of these studies. Hence, your dissertation will provide examples of how one can use philosophical methods in innovation management theory.

Innovation Management and Mining

Mining industry innovations could address issues about decreasing resource access or help in reducing environmental impact, boosting output, and enhancing mineral recovery. Organizations resist when told to bring change through innovation. Existing innovation models frequently fail to acknowledge the unique environment of the innovation activity and do not explicitly define the role of people or how to involve them in the process of adopting innovations. Due to the nature of mining, it is challenging to embrace innovations because they require modifications to the mining process, which affects the value chain. Hence if you choose this dissertation topic, your research will discuss the importance of innovation in an organization’s growth.

Innovation and Digital Technology

The term digitalization describes the application of digital technologies to modify business practices and provide fresh sources of income that open up new business options. Digital transformation is the process of creating new business applications that include this fully digital information. Companies may develop a more complex, distinctive, and long-lasting collaborative culture that supports digital transformation by utilizing innovation strategies. When used for all business operations, procedures, and new launches, it does its magic. Thus, as opposed to the old innovation method, innovation management helps businesses become more responsive and increases their capacity to accept the changes brought about by digital transformation.

Human Resource Management and Innovation Management

Writing a dissertation on human resources and innovation will require you to study how new innovative management can bring changes in HRM. The first definition of innovative HRM places a strong emphasis on revitalizing organizational processes through changes in HRM strategies, whereas the other focuses on its role in the development of new goods and services. Innovative HRM is therefore investigated as both the dependent and independent variable. It is important to be clear about which concept is used when addressing innovative HRM because these two definitions might cause confusion among people discussing the topic in academics and in reality.

Creativity and Innovation Management

Original thought and knowledge are the traditional key elements of creativity, which release potential and are crucial components of idea development. Innovation management comes into play in this situation. The greatest innovation management approaches can assist you in resolving issues, especially ones that you’ve been putting off for a long time, by using tools that inspire creativity and inventive ideas. It needs practice to be able to reason, come up with, and use creative solutions. Implementation processes can be used to lead the development of the creative potential inside your organization. Innovation and entrepreneurship can both be stimulated by creativity.

Innovation Management and Startups

An interesting issue for innovation management comes from startup companies. On the one hand, a new company typically has methods that are quite flexible, making it easier to adopt the adjustments necessary to align it with cutting-edge approaches than larger, more established companies. Startup businesses, on the other hand, might be unpredictable and underpaid, which is not suitable for innovation management techniques. Although when applying innovation management, there are ways to get over drawbacks and make use of some advantages, taking startup-specific factors into account.

Cultural diversity and Innovation Management

A Company’s inability to promote cultural collaboration will have an impact on innovation in terms of strategy, operational effectiveness, consumer engagement, and sales results in global markets. Around the world, several accounts of misguided concepts, campaigns, and launches have been passed down, from amusing translations to dubious product features. Consideration of new ideas’ cultural and geographical applicability to customers worldwide is necessary.

Innovation Audit and Innovation Management

This can be a very interesting topic for you to write on. Due to the current dynamics of business organizations, Innovation has become a core part of them. Though, innovating new things is crucial for every organization. Markets are changing daily and different trends are coming every day. Hence, innovating and keeping up with new trends is of utmost importance. Failing to do so will be a strategic risk for you.

A sound strategy will help stay in front against your competitors. Although, introducing many innovative ideas at once would result in failures. As implementing all those ideas will become a hassle for the organization. Writing a dissertation on such a topic will help you in understanding how organizations can stay clear from such risks and implement only worthwhile innovative ideas.


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