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Investment Management Dissertation Topics

Investment management deals with the handling and management of financial and other assets. It is not only buying and selling of these assets but it is a plan investment that considers risk and probable returns in the future. Investment management is an important subject as more and more businesses and individuals are looking for people with sound knowledge of portfolio management to invest their hard-earned money.

Therefore, as a student of finance, you must be able to write your dissertation to get your graduation or post-graduation degree. Thus, if you’re looking to write your dissertation on investment management, there are many brilliant ideas to write on. This blog will further discuss those ideas. However, if you’re struggling to produce a well-articulated dissertation and want expert help, then contact us at Write My Dissertations. Here, you can hire one of our highly qualified Ph.D. scholars who are ready to provide you with dissertation help online.

Top 9 Investment Management Dissertation Topics

Investment management is a brilliant subject that offers a variety of dissertation topics to write your dissertation on. This blog will discuss some of the excellent dissertation topics that will help you choose your dissertation topic. Let’s discuss them one by one.

A critical analysis of the balance sheet to evaluate the debts of an organization based in the United States of America

A balance sheet analysis helps companies evaluate and understand the crisis. This in turn helps them in taking decisions. Also, the balance sheet of a company should be interpreted when considering an investment as it tells you about the assets and liabilities at a certain point in time. this could be a better idea to write your dissertation on as it will allow you to understand and analyze the practices of these organizations.

Case study of the management of investment risks during the implementation of an investment scheme in the United Kingdom

Risk management is very important for investment. It should be to avoid bankruptcy and liquidity. Investment managers must understand risk management and only take the calculated and flexible risk that their stakeholders can bear. You can study different case studies to understand how UK firms or banks manage risk while investing in other portfolios.

Effect of investment behavior on financial markets during Pandemics

Your study will aim at studying the impact of investment on financial markets during pandemics. You can study about a particular country. Make sure you will be able to find related data. You can collect data through a survey questionnaire. Also, you can find out the effect of risk perception over financial risk to tolerance.

A study on how AI and cryptocurrencies will change the investment management structure in organizations based in the Country of your Choice

The traditional ways of investment are changing because investors demand better performance and lower fees. Similarly, cryptocurrencies have been growing as people’s currency, and anyone can send or use them without the involvement of any third party. Also, there is a need for AI to reduce the risk of fraud, trends, portfolio construction, and predict prices. You may want to study the role of AI in the investment of cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoin.

An assessment of the cash flow to determine per year incomes of an organization to calculate the survivability and profitability.

A cash flow analysis is essential as it reflects the liquidity of a company. Understanding the cash sources are important to understand where your company is generating money. Thus, a company needs to keep a close eye on cash flow. Therefore, your study may focus on particular case studies of an organization to evaluate how they determine the earnings and predict the profitability.

The influence of ratio analysis on the assessment of the performance of an organization in the UK

Your study will aim to evaluate the relationship between financial ratios and the financial performance of a particular company. Also, the financial growth is assessed by the growth of the net profit margin. Financial ratios work as an accounting tool to help decision-makers in taking important decisions about the financial performance of the company. Also, the financial ratios enable the managers to assess the organizations’ operations and growth.

Financial asset management companies: a relative analysis of UK and USA

In your paper, you will compare the financial characteristics of UK and USA companies. Your study may focus on the liquidity of the companies of both countries. Similarly, you can research the efficient use of inventories and fixed assets. You will want to know the reason for all the specific traits which these companies practice. Also, you can evaluate the cost of manufacturing and profit margin.

Asset management companies and market risk.  A comprehensive analysis

The market risk is the probability of an investor losing his/her money due to the poor performance of financial markets. Thus, your study will focus on how asset companies deal with market risks. Thus, you may evaluate and discuss different case studies to find out about the risk management practices of these firms.

An analysis of asset management and its effects on financial stability

There is a growing need for asset management to ensure financial stability in the coming years. Also, considering the financial crisis and pandemics, this requires more focus and the need to employ strategies to ensure financial stability. Also, the asset management industry is an important provider of liquidity to ensure smooth functioning and provides means to diversify portfolios for its stakeholders.


Investment management is an emerging subject and there is a growing need for people who are good at managing portfolios. However, when you choose to write your dissertation on investment management, make sure to use a topic that aligns with your dissertation guidelines. Also, given the complexity of the research, consider your data selection methods and overall method before selecting your dissertation topic. Yet, writing a well-articulated dissertation requires immense energy and focus. Sometimes you may find yourself stuck while writing your dissertation so reach out for the right help. Write My Dissertations have all the resources to help you ace your dissertation writing. So contact us to get dissertation writing services online and let us take care of your concerns.

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