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Law Dissertation topics 2022

Law is a diverse field and offers a variety of job opportunities. It is comprised of a set of rules and regulations that help establish law and order in society. Education of law has resulted in various changes and improvements in law over time. Similarly, the study of law ensures that we are practicing the best law practices to ensure order in society and to deal with legal matters effectively.

Law is a respected field of study and very popular across the globe. Students can study up to the doctorate or Ph.D. level. However, you need to write your law dissertation to complete your law degree from a college. Nonetheless, writing a law dissertation is a rigorous process and it takes a  tremendous amount of effort and dedication. Therefore, if you think you will do good with professional dissertation assistance then contact Write My Dissertations, where you will find experienced dissertation scholars to help you in writing a brilliant law dissertation.

Top 6 Law Dissertation topics 2022

There are numerous brilliant ideas to write your law dissertation on. This blog will discuss the top 6 law dissertation topics that you can choose to write your dissertation in 2022. Let’s find out.

An Analysis of the law protecting future consumer rights in the UK

The UK is known to have brilliant consumer rights policies. However, the effectiveness of these laws is questionable. Hence, your research will aim to evaluate the law protecting future consumer rights in the UK. Numerous studies focus on the reforms related to the protection of consumers’ rights. However, changes have been made after Brexit in the UK laws. Therefore, you will study your dissertation will focus on new laws to evaluate the importance of their implementation in future for the UK consumers. Some of the research objectives are mentioned below.

  • To find out the changes in laws, in the context of consumer goods and services.
  • Evaluation of the importance of new UK laws in the protection of the rights of consumers in the future.
  • To relate between the EU and UK laws in improving the lives of consumers.

Evaluation of human rights law. What difficulties are causing it to fail?

Research has not clearly distinguished between human rights law and fundamental rights. Also, there is no clarity on the significance of their combined implementation, in terms of protecting the citizen’s freedom. On the other hand, some studies have identified that human rights laws have failed to protect the rights of every citizen. However, the different causes that are causing it to fail have not been identified. Hence, your study will aim at evaluating human rights law that plays a significant role in protecting the fundamental rights of every citizen while finding out the potential obstacles. Your research objectives will include:

  • The relationship between human rights law and the fundamental rights of citizens.
  • To find out the role of human rights law in the freedom of citizens.
  • To find out the problems that are hindering the complete implementation of human rights.

A literature review study of Laws related to nuclear weapons

Recently, the legality of nuclear weapons is a sensitive concern and a serious problem. The legality of nuclear weapons is debatable. The question is if nuclear weapons are legal and if yes then under what conditions and whether they should be legal at all. Thus, your study will aim at reviewing the relevant legal principles and laws involving nuclear weapons. Hence, your study will focus on a few important research objectives and you should explain the concerns and related matters in detail. Your objectives could be:

  • Evaluate the laws of nuclear weapons and their use.
  • Understand and discuss/argue the legality of the use of nuclear weapons.
  • Find out the relationship between the laws for using nuclear weapons and laws for the protection of citizens.

The Role of labor laws on the sales performance of multinational organizations

You can choose a country of your choice and study the relationship between labor laws with the efficiency of the multinational organization needs to be studied in depth. Labor laws have a significant impact on the productivity of national and international firms. Thus, your study will aim to determine the impact of labor laws on sales performance. A few of the objectives of your research will be:

  • Find out the importance of labor laws in organizations in the respective country.
  • To evaluate the impact of labor laws in improving the performance of sales in multinational firms.

Actions against false rape accusation. Is it offending the legal system?

It is unknown whether false rape accusations have affected the formulation and enforcement of legal doctrine. However, false rape accusations have been a matter of concern as they would give rise to stereotypes about women. Also, it could affect the perspective of people about rape. Also, it has been observed that police neglect most rape accusations because they think they are false. Your study will explore the actions that can be taken against the false accusation of rape.

Your research objectives will be:

To discuss the issue of false accusations of rape in current times.

Examination of solutions against false allegations of rape.

To determine how false allegations of rape have defamed the legal system or not.

Problems in implementing international laws in third-world countries

Third-world countries face a lot of social and economic challenges. Most third-world counties have acquired their laws in the model of international law. Thus, your study will focus on determining the problems that occurred in the implementation of international laws in third-world countries.  Your objectives will be:

  • To assess and determine the effects of integration of international laws in third world countries.
  • Also, to investigate difficulties that occur in the implementation of international laws in third-world countries.


Law is a very diverse field. Therefore, the overwhelming nature of this field leaves students confused when they choose their topic of study. However, you must be precise and choose your dissertation topic considering the instructions of the instructor. Also, it is preferable to choose a topic that requires research. However, writing your law dissertation could be hectic. Therefore, if you require assistance with your law dissertation then you can connect with Do My Dissertation and let professional experts take care of all your concerns.

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