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Marketing Dissertation Topics

Writing a dissertation is a challenging and time-consuming task, especially a marketing one. However, what makes writing a marketing research paper more rigid than any other subject is its vastness. Thousands of topics are available to conduct your research on, yet people have worked on those topics too in different manners. Therefore, how you will bring a topic so unique that it catches your supervisor’s attention within seconds? Here we can help you by offering a list of excellent marketing dissertation topics.

If you are looking to get some marketing dissertation help from the internet to find a suitable topic for your final year research, stop. This article will offer tons of winning marketing topics that you can use in your research work and succeed. So instead of wasting your time looking on the internet for help, read the rest of the blog and ease your work

The Top Marketing Research Topics

Many students get stuck finding a fitting research topic for their final year marketing research task, which is totally okay. If you are from one of them, do not worry and keep reading the article attentively. We will offer multiple areas of marketing research topics to help you get some ideas. Let’s start the list with the top ten marketing research topics, the ones that are our favorites.

  • How short-form videos changed the use of blogging for promotional purposes: Visuals over lengthy blog posts.
  • Unethical marketing approaches to pierce user privacy.
  • Online campaigns and their efficiency amid the covid-19
  • What challenges content marketing factor is facing to provide customers with a higher value?
  • Why the companies stuck with their online presence on social media and cannot go beyond?
  • What marketing language would be highly preferable for generation Z?
  • How can digital marketing help us reach the corners of the world by advertising and visuals about crucial social issues?
  • The politics of digital marketing firms of today change the human psyche to sell or promote their goods.
  • How do digital marketing benefits firms and ruin the safe purchasing process of buyers?
  • The mixture of data science with marketing field to reach a wider audience: A hybrid marketing theory.

Social Media Marketing Research Topics

The above section has the top ten marketing research, our favorite ones. However, it does not mean everyone would like to work on them. That is why here we gather some brilliant social media marketing research topics.

  • How do beauty brands manipulate the audience with false content for their products on social media?
  • The role of content in Instagram of Food brands for higher reach on posts.
  • How positive, neutral, and negative user comments on social media platforms can impact youth.
  • Why did Facebook suddenly start to focus on the business world and leave the stance of connecting people globally?
  • How Facebook earns profit on the basis of total installs and daily active users?
  • Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter: Which social media platform is ideal for banner advertisement marketing?
  • Can the restrictions on users’ attitudes and behaviors using Facebook ruin the user experience?
  • Is there any concept of customer loyalty in brands available on social media?
  • Do social media platforms have built-in tools today to measure the ROI of their social media marketing?
  • An investigation of the impact of brand post popularity on Facebook brand fan pages on social media marketing.
  • How digital marketing managers deal with barriers and measurement of social media marketing.
  • How social media marketing can help become a small business into a giant within a short period.
  • An investigation of the Instagram influencer marking.
  • How partnering with YouTube content creators influences a firm’s marketing strategy?

Ethics in Marketing Research Topics

Everything has two ways to do, ethical and unethical, even marketing. You might have heard about unethical marketing ways. If so, writing research about this marketing way would really impress your supervisors. Here are some ethics in marketing research topics for ideas.

  • How do unethical methods and intentions of marketing awareness affect purchasing behavior?
  • A comparison of ethical and unethical marketing strategies.
  • Why unethical marketing campaigns often work better than ethical ones.
  • How does the government of different nations take action against unethical marketing?
  • Is rival advertising on social media within firms ethical?
  • How do firms manage to recover from legal accusations by using public relations?
  • How gender differences play a big role in unethical marketing.
  • The connection between the social responsibilities of a firm with its marketing ethics: Serving people with the goods.
  • The role of ethical marketing in building a firm’s reputation and online brand presence.
  • How online marketing competitiveness is making firms blind with hatred.
  • Emotional marketing: A severely unethical marketing approach that targets people’s emotions and makes them take an action according to it.

Common Marketing Research Topics

Lastly, if none of the above topics suits you, do not worry. Here is a list of some common marketing research topics to keep things easier for you.

  • How do loyalty schemes of brands manage to get more direct sales?
  • Short and long-term offers: Which is a better marketing way for brands today?
  • How does responding to the audience’s demands turns them into loyal customer?
  • How do reviews on YouTube about products and services help generate more sales?
  • How small businesses can grow into stable firms through online presence?
  • How users can identify unethical marketing approaches?
  • How long blog posts and promotional messages can make your customers lose interest? A comparison of short and long promotional messages.
  • Can websites, social media, and traditional marketing manners work together to give incredible results?
  • Is email and SMS marketing too old for today? An investigation study.


We believe you will look for marketing dissertation writing services on the internet no more, as this article is enough. The above marketing research topics are excellent, and we offered different areas of topics. Thus, we suggest picking one from them if you want to succeed in your final year research task. Also, you can choose one from the above and mold it according to your needs. Besides, we wish you the best of luck with your marketing research task and hope you will secure a top-notch grade.

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