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Palliative Care Nursing Dissertation Topics

Writing a dissertation is tricky, especially if you are a nursing student. Many nursing students fail to choose an ideal research topic and ruin their results. They complain that there are not enough topics to perform research in the nursing field, and even some hire nursing dissertation help online to seek professional help. However, it is not true because the nursing field is vast. We will offer plenty of palliative care nursing dissertation topics in this blog. You will see how many interesting topics are out there in just the palliative nursing care branch.

If you select a suitable topic for your final-year research work, presume you have done half the work. It is undeniably true that students struggle to find good research topics, which is why they find research tasks daunting. Yet, you do not have to worry about it because we will offer many palliative care research topics below.

The Top Palliative Care Nursing Research Topics

Finding a suitable research topic for nursing students can be a tiresome task. Many students do not focus much on finding ideal research topics since it needs time and ample research. Yet, the more you spend time finding an ideal topic, the higher your chances of success you get.

Besides, many students are not willing to spend time and effort on finding topics, here we composed a list of top palliative care nursing research topics. You can freely choose any topic from the list below to conduct research.

  • What are humanistic nursing theory and its affiliation with palliative care?
  • How animal therapy can help nurses in palliative care
  • Palliative and curative choices: An explanatory research
  • Moral palliative care: An exploratory study
  • Early VS delayed palliative care: What is the difference?
  • Obstacles and challenges nurses face in palliative care
  • The importance of hospice education in palliative care
  • What roles do nurses play in palliative care hospitals
  • An investigative study on health informatics
  • How environment affects a patient’s palliative care?
  • How does palliative care help manage grief?
  • Palliative care and its significance in the nursing field
  • Short and long-term nursing objectives in palliative care
  • The benefits of palliative care
  • The life of a certified hospice
  • Trends and concerns in palliative care: The modern palliative care
  • Palliative care patient’s family: Counselling and grief management support from palliative care nurses
  • The history of palliative care throughout the time
  • Diverse methodologies for providing palliative care
  • How beneficial palliative care is for cancer patients
  • How do professional palliative care nurses deal with stress?
  • Patient-provider management: An exploratory study
  • How does palliative care affect patients’ physical and emotional status

Common Palliative Care Nursing Research Topics

The above section offered a list of top palliative care nursing research topics. Still, if you did not find any topic suitable, do not worry. Here is a list of common palliative care nursing research topic ideas that can ease things for you.

  • What is the actual purpose of palliative care?
  • The biggest and most beneficial palliative care initiatives in the history
  • Why palliative care is not a norm in third-world countries?
  • Ethical and unethical approaches of palliative care and terminal illness: A definitive research
  • How crucial is it to value a patient’s dignity while providing quality palliative care?
  • How nurses manage symptoms and pain in palliative care: The significance of management strategies in palliative nursing
  • How hypercalcemia affects patients, and what are the possible treatment?
  • Exploratory research on the ethical sides of nursing palliative care
  • Home VS hospital care for palliative care patients: Compare and contrast
  • An explanatory study on the principles of palliative care nursing
  • Why are hospice and palliative care different when they have a similar purpose? A comparison research
  • How diverse nations form health policies regarding palliative care
  • How significant is it to focus on mental health with physical health in palliative care?
  • How the world sees palliative and hospice care: A distinctive study
  • How has time changed the approaches to delivering palliative care after the industrial revolution?
  • How do nurses control primary symptoms in palliative care patients?
  • What role does psychology play in palliative care?
  • How important is a psychosocial screening of patients in palliative care
  • The treatment of wounds in palliative care patients

Rare Palliative Care Nursing Research Topics

Perhaps you did not find the above two topic lists interesting, do not worry. There is a class of students who only like to research rare topics. If so, here is a list of rare palliative care nursing research topic ideas we compiled for you to impress your supervisors.

  • What types of equipment and technology do palliative care wards demand? An exploratory study on the aims to offer top-notch palliative care through appropriate equipment for palliative care
  • The effects of palliative care on a patient’s mental health: A study upon good and bad effects of palliative care
  • How common palliative care in Europe has become in comparison to other sides of the world?
  • The roles of different levels of professional nurses in palliative care
  • The strength of students in the palliative care nursing field in the modern world
  • What types of palliative nursing skills are essential for cancer patients?
  • How technology has changed the perspective of palliative care: The modern palliative care practices and healthcare quality
  • The effects of clergy mental health in palliative care patients, and what causes them?
  • How crucial is mental health counseling for palliative care aged patients?
  • How nurses manage pain using diverse strategies in palliative care patients
  • How first-world is promoting palliative care around the globe?
  • What practical ways do nurses use to treat patients suffering from a life-threatening situation in palliative care?
  • What are the best pain relief therapies for palliative care patients that nursing staff uses?
  • How beneficial is physical activity for palliative care patients?


We believe you will not need to hire dissertation help online to seek professional help finding research topics. This article offered a vast range of palliative care research topics. You can use those ideas freely and mold them according to your needs. We wish you the best of luck with your nursing final year research task.

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