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Real Estate Dissertation Topics 2022

Studying and choosing your career in real estate is a great choice. There are numerous opportunities for you to work as a real estate graduate. However, you need to write a brilliant real estate dissertation before your graduation. Therefore, we will discuss with your some brilliant real estate dissertation and help you choose the best one. Universities and colleges have added real estate to higher education due to its importance as an economic driver. Students who pursue business-related courses in college and university choose real estate as their field of study.

When students have to write a dissertation they are mostly stuck on step 1 which is choosing a dissertation topic. Nonetheless, choosing the right dissertation topic is essential but if you fully understand a topic then you will choose your topic easily. However, writing a brilliant dissertation needs constant effort and dedication and you may require expert assistance to guide you through the process. Therefore, you can get in touch with us on Write My Dissertations to get expert dissertation assistance by just telling us to write my dissertation and we will handle the job for you.

Top 7 Real Estate Dissertation Topics 2022

Real estate is an interesting subject. It is not only fun to learn but it enables you to generate money by applying your skills in the sale and purchase of the property. Also, it is said to be one of the most profitable businesses that barely incur losses. This blog will discuss emerging real estate dissertation topics. Let’s find out.

Review of the real estate management outsourcing functions, and how they maintain and develop trust.

Your study aim will be to identify the outsourcing functions of real estate and how they develop and keep trust. Thus, your main goal will be to examine how real state management conducts outsourcing functions. Also, you will:

  • Identify and explain the growing trend of outsourcing real estate management.
  • Examine the outsourced tasks of real estate.
  • Evaluate the efficiency of outsourcing functions in real estate management.
  • Identify the crucial factors that affect the success or failure of outsourcing functions.

Cyclic nature of city real-estate

Your dissertation aim will be to identify the cyclic nature of city real estate in which you will explore the changing prices of real estate inside a particular city of your choice.

Also, your study will focus on:

  • The effect of fluctuating prices of real estate on the buying behavior of customers.
  • You will provide recommendations on the cyclic nature of prices inside inner-city real estate.
  • You can provide recommendations on efficiently using eco-friendly ecological practices in real estate management.

A survey of the guiding systems for open land improvement

You can audit the governing structures for open land advancement and executives in a country of your choice. Similarly, research suggests that successful administration of the property, with the inclusion of partners, is required for available land on the board. Moreover, your paper will assess the present policies and find out the dangers in the respective land part. Also, You can provide recommendations to improve the governing structures for the open land.

A study for understanding the role of institutional investors and equity markets in the development of real estate.

Your dissertation aim will be to analyze the role of the equity market and institutional investors in the growth of real estate. Also, the study will classify the relationship between institutional investors, real estate development, and equity markets. Further objectives are given below.

  • To explore the role of institutional investors and the equity market in the development of real estate.
  • Finding out the relationship between the institutional investor and real estate.
  • To analyze the integration between equity markets and real estate development.

A study on the Merits and Demerits of purchasing a property at a property auction.

The study aims to analyze the benefits and demerits of buying property at property auctions. Similarly, the objectives of the study will be as further.

  • You will demonstrate the process of the property auction.
  • To analyze the auction market for residential land properties.
  • Identifying the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing a property through auction.
  • To examine the significant factors which affect the outcomes of auctions.

A study to recognize the impact of credit unions on real estate investment. A case study of the housing market crash of 2008

The study aims to find the impact of credit unions on the investment of real estate. Also, it will focus on the case study of the housing market crash that played a crucial role in the world recession in 2008. The objectives will be:

  • To find the role of the credit union and to examine the impact of the credit union on the investment of real estate.
  • Find out the effect of the credit union on the business industry.
  • To assess the influence of global financial crises on real estate investment.

An evaluation of the development of the UK’s real estate industry

The study will aim to understand and examine the significant aspects and practices which are enabling Uk real estate to develop. The objectives will be.

  • Analyze and access the practices of real estate development in the UK industry.
  • Find out the practices of real estate management in the UK industry.
  • To inspect the relationship between the management and development practices.
  • To access how the UK real estate can improve its management and development practices.


Choosing a dissertation topic is an important factor in writing a brilliant dissertation. When choosing your real estate dissertation, you should ensure that you choose a topic that can fill a study gap. You can research new and emerging topics to aid other researchers and scholars in the field. However, you should ensure that your topic must allow you to collect the data and use the right methodology to research your topic. Nonetheless, writing a brilliant dissertation can be a hectic process and at times you may require professional assistance. therefore, if you need us to write my dissertation for me, feel free to get in touch with us on Write My Dissertations, and let us handle your dissertation.

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